Friday, 12 February 2016

Makeup Revolution Haul

Awhile ago I ordered a few things from Makeup Revolution, this is the first time I have ordered from Makeup Revolution from their website. I have previously got things from Superdrug


When I ordered, this Makeup Geek palette was free when you spent over a certain amount. This is from the I Heart Makeup range which is found on the Makeup Revolution website and is the sister brand of Makeup Revolution.
Here is a link for the palette, which can be bought currently for £7.99.

This palette is beautiful, it has such a range of colours. Half of the shades are natural, which is more my style. Then the other half are incredibly bright and bold, which I think is great as for someone who doesn't wear much colour it gives me the chance to have a colourful shades but not buy an entire colourful palette.

I also got all of the Go! Palettes which are currently £2.99 each and are normally £3.99 each. When i bought them, they were £8 for all 4 palettes. Here are the links for each of the palettes individually;
Go! to Hell
Go! to the City
Go! to Heaven 
Go! Palette 

The Go! palette is said to be a dupe for Tarte's Rainforest After Dark Eye and Check Palette.

I also got all the one fluid blusher's. They are called Pink Dew, Desire, Malibu Ocean, Pink Sea, and Rush Me. They are normally £3 each, but I got them when they were on sale for £1.50 each.

Here are the links of the ones that are still available on the makeup revolution website.
Pink Dew
Malibu Ocean

I also got four of the Vivid Blush Lacquers. I got the shades; Heart, Desire, O boy, and Rush. They are normally £1.99 each, but I got them when they were on sale for £1 each.

Here are the links for the ones still available on the makeup revolution website.

The last thing I got, was this eye dust in the shade ettiquette. They are normally £1 each but I got it for 50p on sale. Here is the link;

This is everything I got in my first order from Makeup Revolution. I will definitely be ordering again as they have absolutely beautiful products. They also always have great deals on their website.
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Thursday, 21 January 2016

University Haul - Stationery

I got all these folders on sale from Sainsbury's. The big mint folder was £1, the small mint folder was 50p, the small lilac folder was 30p, the big lilac folder was 60p, and the big navy folder was 60p.

I got these A4 hardback books from Poundland for £1 each.

I got these A5 notebooks from Sainsbury's on sale also. The two Pukka Pads were 90p each, and the plain navy book was 45p.

I got this mint diary from Poundland for £1, and this pug diary for £1.50 from The Works.

I got these revision cards from Sainsbury's for 45p, these coloured office clips from Sainsbury's for 50p, and these coloured tabs for 50p from Sainsbury's. I got these post it notes from The Works for £1.

Here is what the post it notes looks like, I thought these were great for £1.

I also got quite a lot of pens. The black ballpoint pens are from Morrison's for 40p, the coloured fine liners from Wilkinson's for £1, the black Bic pens from Poundland for £1, the coloured pens are also from Poundland for £1, the mini highlighter are from Wilkinson's for 75p, the 20 mini felts are £1 from Morrison's.
This is all the stationery I bought for this year at University. Make sure to check out my other two University posts; Kitchen Haul and Bedroom Haul.
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