Friday, 23 January 2015

OOTD: Burgundy Blazer ~ Meal with Friends


Before we all went back to University, my friends and I decided to meet up, have a meal together and go for drinks after. We decided to go to a italian restaurant near where we live, the food was delicious. 

I thought as I was dressed nice for once that I would show you what i'm wearing. I opted for a top and jeans, rather than a dress, because I didn't want to look to fancy going for a meal. 

I'm wearing:
Blazer: New Look 
Peplum Top: New Look 
Jeans: George at Asda
Shoes: Primark 
Clutch Bag: Primark

Here is a picture of the dessert I had, It was a chocolate rum truffle mousse thing. I actually don't know what it was called, but it tasted delicious. 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Collective Haul: Primark, New Look, Asda, Store Twenty One etc

I went shopping with my Auntie, Cousin and Sister to the sales over the Christmas period and this is what I purchased. I also went with my Mum, Dad and Brother on another day, but I only got 2 things when I went with them as we mostly went for my brother to spend his money he got for Christmas.


The only store I bought anything from with my parents, was Sports Direct. First pair of shoes I got were by Dunop in Grey, they were reduced from £24.99 to £9.99. The second pair are by Lee Cooper and are Black. They were £5 reduced from £9.99, they were so cheap I had to buy both pairs, even though they are really similar. They are amazing value and comfy, I'm so glad i got these, you can wear them with anything. Here are the links for the trainers;
I would like to say that I bought these from the junior section, so if you have bigger feet than 6.5, then you will not be able to get them for this price. I did see them in the ladies section in the store so if you wanted to get them you could, but they were a bit more expensive than in the junior section. I got mine from the junior section as they were exactly the same as the ladies ones, but cheaper and they fit me perfectly. Who cares they are junior, you cant tell.

When I went with my Auntie, the first shop we went to was Primark. I absolutely love Primark, it's so cheap, and even better when they have a sale on. 

The first thing I got was a black dress with an amazing design on the neckline, it is sort of bodycon style. I saw one exactly the same on the New Look website, but unfortunately when I went to order it was out of stock. So when I saw this at Primark, I was so happy. This dress was £5, and amazing value for an amazing dress. I also bought three pairs of jeans, all £5 each reduced from £10. Jeans for £5 is amazing, I have never bought jeans from Primark before as I thought they wouldn't be true to size. I was so glad I was wrong, they fit perfectly, they are soft, and comfy. I will definitely be getting more of these in the future. I also bought a pack of 5 Christmas themed socks for £1. I bought these last year, with different styles, and I wore them all year round. It doesn't really matter to me what my socks have on as no one sees them, so for £1 I couldn't fall off. I also bought a pair of Bambi Knickers for £1, they were just so cute i couldn't leave them. I got a Bra and Knickers set for £3, it is blue with white stars on. I bought three pairs of shoes; one pair of brown boots for £10, a pair of red ballet flats with a big bow on for £3 reduced from £5 and a pair of black plimsolls which weren't on sale for £3. The boots I bought have a wider calf than regular boots, which is great for me as I always struggle getting boots on my legs because of my calfs. I was extremely happy with everything I bought from Primark, as I always am.

I went to the Twenty One Store, and got some Christmas decorations while they were on sale for next year. Hopefully, next year I will be living in a house, so I will have a christmas tree and will be decorating my house for Christmas. 

I got a red Christmas sign which was reduced from £4.99 to £3. Ive always liked these, so I grabbed myself one while it was in the sale. I also got these 4 packs of tree decorations all £1 each reduced from £1.99. I got; a pack of 3 red reindeers, a pack of 3 red trees, a pack of 3 red hearts, and a pack of 2 red and white bird houses. These are so cute, especially the bird houses.

I also got a christmas wreath that lights up for £5 reduced from £9.99. It is so cute, I couldn't decide between two but as this one lights up I had to get this one. I got this white candle holder shaped like a house for £1 reduced from £1.99. The final things I got were these two candles with a reindeer pattern on them. I loved the little reindeer charms on them, I don't think these have a scent to them, but they are just so cute.

From HMV, I got these DVD's, my Auntie actually bought me one. 

I have decided that i want to collect all the disney films, as I had them when I was a child but they were on videos and we no longer have them as we don't have a video player. So I have decided to buy them all, this is the start of my collection. Snow White for £6.99, Fun and Fancy Free was £3.99 and The adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad was £4.99. I am so excited to collect and watch them all again.

From B&M I got these three Christmas decorations. 

They were all £1 each, I don't really know what i'm going to do with these at Christmas, but I will find some use for them. 

From Wilkinson's, I got a One Direction Perfume set for £10 reduced from £20. I always wanted this perfume, but have never bought it so when I saw it on offer I had to buy it. I also bought three mini So..? perfume set for £3 reduced from £6. I love buying these in the sales as they smell great and are great value. I got a mini manicure set for 50p reduced from a £1, I buy these all the time as i always seem to lose them or my family takes them and doesn't give me them back, so constantly having to buy them. I bought three things from the skin care line at Wilkinson's. Here is the link to the entire range:
I got the Eye Makeup Remover for 95p, Face Wash for 95p and the Face Scrub for also 95p. I cant wait to use these as I have used things from the Fruits line at Wilkinson's and have loved them. 

I only bought one thing from Lush, as I live in University Halls we only have showers, so I cant use bathe bombs. 

I bought the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, the smell is so sweet and delicious, I can't wait to use it. I have never bought anything from Lush before, so really excited for this. I got this in the 250ml bottle for £3.50 reduced from £7. 

From Asda, I bought a gingerbread bath house and a christmas paper weight. 

The Christmas paperweight, was £1. I am going to use this as decoration next Christmas. I thought it was such a cute design, I couldn't stop myself from buying it. 

This Gingerbread bath house comes with 2 shower gels and 2 body butters, it was £4. Its so cute, but  I didn't notice in the shop that it was ripped down one side. I still love it, but wish I knew before I bought it. 

Lastly, we have New Look. I bought three things from New Look.

First, I got this adorable, countdown to Christmas with a penguin on, it was £2. It is so cute, I bought this for next year, I will either use this in the living room or my bedroom.

The two pieces of clothing I bought were a Black Shirt for £10 and a Black Peplum Top for £7 reduced from £14.99. The peplum top said it was reduced to £9.50 on the tag but when I got to the counter it was £7, so bargain. I have wanted a shirt for ages, and black so with everything so win win. I will definitely have to wear a top under the shirt as it is very see through 

Monday, 5 January 2015

Baking on New Year's Day!

On New Year's Day, my cousin and I had a day of Baking! We made; Double Chocolate Cookies, White and Milk Chocolate Cookies, Cake Pops, Brownies and Mars Bar Cake.

Double Chocolate Cookies
200g Butter 
300g Sugar
1 Egg
275g Self Raising Flour
75g Cocoa Powder
200g White Chocolate 
200g Milk Chocolate 
Dash of milk 
~ Can be Triple Chocolate if you add Dark Chocolate too. ~ 

These are absolutely delicious, a few got a bit burnt around the edges but they are so soft and silky to eat. I could literally eat them all day. I feel like this is a basic chocolate cookie recipe and you could add any chocolate and it would still taste incredible. 

We have attempted to make Cake Pops before and they were a disaster. This time i feel like they turned out so much better. They are to die for, my brother absolutely loves these. They are so great for little ones, that don't eat a full piece of cake or cupcakes, as they are bite size. I will definitely be making them again.

White and Milk Cookies
200g Butter
300g Sugar
1 Egg
325g Self Raising Flour
Dash of milk 
200g White Chocolate 
200g Milk Chocolate

I got this recipe from this video:
These cookies are beautiful, taste delicious and are melt in the mouth. They are so soft and chewy, they break apart so easy, and are such a hit with the entire family. Will definitely be making these again.

Mars Bar Cake
3 Mars Bars broken up
3 tbsp of Golden Syrup
3 tbsp of Butter
Rice Krispies
175g Milk chocolate to melt on top
2 Flakes to sprinkle on top ~Optional~

Mars Bar cake, is a classic in our family, at every celebration it is made and is a hit with everyone. It's really simple to make and delicious to eat. 
All you need to do is:
1. Break the mars bars into a bowl, add the golden syrup and butter. 
2. Melt the bowl of ingredients in the microwave, string in small intervals.
3. Once melted, add rice krispies to the melted mixture. there is no set amour of rice krispies. Add till the mixture coats each rice krispie.
4. Line a tray or grease the tray. Add the mixture, smoothing out till level.
5. Met the chocolate and evenly spread along the mixture.
6. Break up the flakes and sprinkle on top f chocolate while chocolate is still hot.
7. Leave to set. After set, cut up and enjoy.

275g Dark Chocolate
275g Butter
175g Plain Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
4 Eggs, Beaten Lightly 
1 tsp Vanilla Essence 
325g Sugar
Marshmallows ~Optional~

I have made these before and they were so good, I had to make them again. I used the recipe from this video
These brownies are delicious, I absolutely love brownies and these are rich, soft and chewy. An absolute crowd pleaser. I made these before for halloween and everyone loved them. I know these will become a family favourite at gathering from now on. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

What I got for Christmas 2014!

This Christmas, i got some amazing gifts from my family. My parents normally buy my sister and I a main present, and then we get money which we take shopping and buy whatever we want with. This year our main presents were MacBooks. I have wanted a MacBook for ages and finally I got one, I was so happy to receive this as a present. 

Along with my MacBook for Christmas I got; 3 canvas, a Disney Ornament, George Forman Grilling Machine, Shoes, Clothes, Bags, Purses, Books, Pandora charm, 3 cushions, Body Shop gift sets. I was happy with everything I got this christmas. 

This year, I got these 3 amazing canvas. I really like these, they are great quality and definitely worth the value. I also purchased 3 for my mum for christmas also. She was delighted with them on christmas day.

The books I got this christmas are; Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. I absolutely love reading, but I don't have a lot of shelf space at university so I can't take a huge number of books at a time with me. So this year, I settled on only buying these books. Also in this picture, you can see the packaging of the Body Shop set I got. It was wrapped like a cracker in plastic wrap and tied at each end with The Body Shop ribbon. I loved this, i thought it was really festive and added to the products. 

This picture is mostly the clothes I received this year. I got; a Minnie Mouse pyjamas set, a burgundy blazer, a burgundy jumper, a Harry Potter T-shirt, a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs pyjamas top, a black dress and Harry Potter socks. 

The three pairs of shoes i got can be seen in this photo. I got; a pair of slippers, a pair of nude heels and a pair of tan boots. The writing on the Body Shop set can be seen on this photo. I loved the packaging of the products an thought it was great that they would wrap whatever two scents you wanted. When I purchased these I thought I had to have the scents that where on display, so i was so happy when i could choose as mango and strawberry are my favourite.

I got a frozen cup, that can be seen in this photo. As i have said I love Disney, so anything Frozen I find so cute. I found this adorable cup in frozen and also a boy version which I bought for my brother which had Olaf and Sven on it. This one is pink and has Elsa, Anna and Olaf on it. Its great to drink out of it, I normally put orange juice in it.

This year i asked for a Gorge Forman Grilling Machine as we have one at home which I like to use, but at University I don't have anything to use, so I asked for this for Christmas. I absolutely love Disney, so this year, my mum bought me a surprise of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ornaments to add to my collection.

I also got these, but I forgot about them when I took the other pictures so I had to take pictures of them on there own. I forgot as I had packed them away before I decided to take pictures of everything.

These are the bags and purses I got for Christmas this year. The first is a baby pink colour and it is  quite small, the second is larger and a baby blue colour. The purse is a coral colour and had a little lock design. The blue purse\bag on the right is quite unusual as its small as a purse, but is designed as a bag inside. The little tray in the middle has a space for a picture and I thought it was adorable.

These are the 3 cushions I got for Christmas, they are all different but I think they look rest together. I'm going to put them on my bed in my room at University. One has a red checked heart on it, one has the word love hung on pegs and the other has hearts hung on pegs.