Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Small Haul: New Look, Peacocks and George at Asda

Hi, I thought I would just share with you a few bits of clothing that I've recently bought when I went to New Look, Peacocks and Asda.  


The first thing I got is this mini blue peplum dress from New Look which I got for £7 and was originally £27.99. 

This dress is a cobalt blue colour, with a peplum style and is really short. 


The next is this black peplum skirt which is also from New Look, I got for £5 and it was originally £14.99.

Its about knee length, with a slight peplum effect. It has a gold zipper, which is a beautiful contrast against the black. 

 I bought this black blazer from Peacocks for £16. 

I needed a black blazer, but I wanted it to be soft instead of the structured style. 


I bought this Black dress from George at Asda for £18, as I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. 

Its midi length, with a bardot style top of the dress and a skater style bottom of the dress. 

The last piece of clothing is a strapless peplum style black dress from New Look that i got for  £8 and it was reduced from £24.99.

I absolutely love the peplum style of this dress, as you can see from the picture it goes in a diagonal effect with 2 ruffles. 

I also got these shoes from new look for £3, originally £7.99 I absolutely love this colour, I have so many clothes in this colour it's ridiculous. 

Thanks for Reading!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Review: LUSH ~ Snow Fairy

I have never tried Snow Fairy by LUSH before, but I got some this Christmas and have become obsessed by it. It smells absolutely incredible, its so sweet and delicious. I cant believe I have never tried this before. I got the medium sized bottle, which is the 250g bottle. I'm trying to keep it and not use loads in the shower as I will have to wait till this Christmas to get some more, but its difficult it smells so good I want to use it all the time. If there is anyone reading this and haven't tried Snow Fairy, I would seriously recommend that you try it. You will not be disappointed if you do. 

Thanks for Reading!