Saturday, 30 May 2015

Patrick Star Cake, Cupcakes and Biscuits

My Auntie Sam really loves Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants, so for her birthday, I made her a Patrick Star Cake. Along with Patrick Star cupcakes and Patrick Star cookies.

To make this cake I used:
-2 tray cakes I made earlier and cooled
-Betty Crocker Strawberry frosting/butter cream
-Purple food colouring
-Green food colouring
-Writing icing in black, brown and red
-Icing sugar
-Display tray

Firstly I made 2 tray cakes, and let them cool.
Once cool, I printed a picture I found of Patrick on 2 A4 pieces of paper and cut it out.
Then I used toothpicks to secure the printout onto the cake, then cut around the printout, so I was left with the outline of Patrick.
I placed the cut out pieces of cake onto the tray I was using to display the cake, and covered the whole cake in a thin layer of pink butter cream (Betty Crocker strawberry).
After that had set for a while, I covered the cake in a thicker layer of butter cream, and evened it out as best I could.
I used the printout to see where Patrick's pants go, and used a toothpick to outline his pants.
I made some green butter cream, using the margarine, icing sugar and green food colouring, and covered the designated part with the green butter cream and levelled it out.
I used a little bit of the pink butter cream and mix in a little bit of purple food colouring to make it purple.
I then use this purple butter cream to make the flowers on his pants.
I used the printout to see where his, eyes, mouth and belly button would go and filled these in with the writing stencils.
For his eyes, I outlined it with black writing icing, then make white icing using icing sugar and water, then waited for this to dry to add the dots for eyes. Also remember to give him eyebrows.
For his mouth I used the black writing icing for the outline, the red writing icing for the tongue and chocolate/brown writing icing for the inside of his mouth.
For his belly button I used the black writing icing to finish Patrick off.

As I have never made biscuits before, I used this Basic Biscuit recipe that I found online on the BBC Good Food website. I made 22 biscuits, and there was a bit of dough left over, so I would say I could of made 24 but only 22 fit on my baking trays and I wasn't going to put a tray of 2 in the oven. They tasted good and it was a simple recipe to follow, so would definitely use this recipe again.

After I baked the star biscuits, I let them cool and then decorated as Patricks. 

The things you will need to make these Patrick Star biscuits are:
-A star cutter
-One batch of cookie dough
-Pink strawberry butter cream (Betty Crocker) (used for cake)
-Green butter cream (made for the cake)
-Purple butter cream (made for the cake)
-White icing made for eyes on cake (icing sugar and water)
-Black writing icing

I basically followed the same method that I did for the cake; covered the biscuit with pink butter cream, then made the green pants, added purple flowers to the pants, then made his eyes and smile. Really easy, but looks so cute.


The last thing Patrick themed that I made, was Patrick Star Cupcakes. These cupcakes are actually star shaped. I used silicon cupcake cases to make these. 

For these Patrick Star cupcake, you will need:
-Star cupcakes
-Pink strawberry butter cream (Betty Crocker) (used for cake and biscuits)
-Green butter cream (used for cake and biscuits)
-Purple butter cream (used for cake and biscuits)
-Black writing icing

Again the method is exactly the same; pink butter cream all over the top of the cupcake, then add green for his shorts, purple for the flowers on the shorts, and add a mouth and eyes using the black writing icing. These are bite size cupcakes, so perfect for a party. Everything I made was really easy and wasn't that expensive as you can used the same items for decorating everything. 

I also made chocolate rice krispie cakes, vanilla butterfly cakes, and chocolate butterfly cakes. Also I made a mars bar cake, but forgot to take a picture of it. You can however read about when I made a mars bar cake on new years day here!


For my Auntie, I bought her these Patrick balloons of Aliexpress. 
They were only £2.67 for 5, so a great bargain. You can't however fill these with helium so they wont stay in the air on their own. To fill, we put a straw up the little tube at the bottom and blew them up. Really easy to do, and really cute when they are blown up.

If you have a Patrick fan, I would definitely recommend getting some of these balloons. I did actually order some other Patrick balloons of aliexpress, but they haven't turned up unfortunately.

I also bought her this 30cm Patrick teddy of aliexpress.
This was £5.12, which is really cheap for such a cute gift. 


You can also get bigger sizes of this teddy, but I though she would like this cute little one.

The final thing I bought her was this Patrick ornament from The Yorkshire Trading Company for £1.99. She actually ended up with 2 of these, as her friend from work also bought her one.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Hair Care Haul

I have recently decided that I want to take better care of my hair, and that I want to grow my hair longer and thicker. I dye my hair blonde with bleach, which I know is really bad for it, but that's the only colour I think looks nice, and I've been doing it for years.

After I decided this and getting a haircut, I took a trip to Asda and bought some products for my hair. I didn't even realise that they were only by two brands, it was just what I thought would help my hair grown better than it was. 

The first 3 products are from TRESemme, I got the Platinum Strength Shampoo for £2.89 originally £4.89, and the Platinum Strength Conditioner for £2.89 originally £4.89 also. I got these cause they said on the bottle that if used it can repair up to 2 years worth of damage in 5 uses. I have been using this since I bought it, and it has drastically changed my hair, it has made it so soft, I love it! Also from TRESemme, I got the Breakage Defence Masque, I think this is also called the Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment as when I was searching the name this came up on the superdrug website and not Breakage Defence, but that is whats on the tub. This was also £2.89 reduced from £4.98. I haven't used this yet, but it says to use after you've towel dried your shampooed hair. 

The other brand I got 3 things from is Andrew Barton. Asda had a deal on where you can get 2 products for £6 from the range, so I got the S.O.S Help Me! Repairing Leave in Conditioning Spray, which was on its own £5. I absolutely love this, I use this all the time, it's great because you can use it on wet or dry hair. I always use this after I wash my hair, and sometimes I use it on the days where I haven't washed my hair if i feel like I need to. I also got in the offer was the S.O.S Help Me! Twice a week treatment mask which on its own was £3.89. I haven't used this yet, but it says that you uses a small amount and work into hair, leave for 3 minutes, comb and rinse thoroughly. I would use this with shampoo and conditioner, but I don't know if that's right, so please tell me if I'm wrong. I also got these 4 The Ultimate Blonde Super Hydrating Treatment Masks for 25p each instead of £1 each. These say to use once or twice a week and will repair damaged blonde hair in 3 minutes, I have yet to use this, but am looking forward to trying them out. 

If you have any recommendations for helping my hair, please suggest them in the comments. 
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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Try On: Bardot Fit and Flare Dress from George at Asda

Here is the link for the dress!
It is currently out of stock on the website, but I suggest having a look in your local store, as my local Asda still has quite a few in stock.


I bought this dress in my Small Haul: New Look, Peacocks and George at Asda blog post.

I love this dress, it is a knee length dress with lovely detailing around the waist to really accentuate your figure. The detailing that is around the waist is also just below the boobs. Which makes your boobs look bigger and draws more attention to them. 

The top of the dress has a slight bardot effect, which you cant really see from the photos. I think the neckline is very flattering, not to low, so you can wear this dress for work or around family.  

The bottom of this dress is so cute. I normally go for more of a bodycon style dress, so this flare style dress is new to me, but I really like it. It is very floaty and when you spin around, it is beautiful.

This is my first 'Try on' post, so I hope you liked it. I'm planning on doing a few more, so you can see how the pieces of clothing I buy look when i'm wearing them, to give you an idea of how they look. 
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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Kirkleatham Museum and Owl Centre

The other day I went to Kirkleatham Museum with my family. It was so beautiful and I photos that were so cute that I had to share them with you. This is a picture of the outside of the museum. 

So beautiful! 

I absolutely loved the look of the museum!

This is a picture of the beautiful water fountain outside the museum, it was to beautiful not to take a picture. People throw money in this water fountain, to make a wish. I bet the water coming over the sides of the water fountain would be so cooling on a summers day, wasn't so nice when we went as it was freezing.

When we arrived, we took the kids into the new wooden park that has just been opened in the beginning of may. 


Great park, the kids and adults had a lot of fun. This park had really interesting and original things for the kids to play on including this wooden log pictured below. 


After we had been in the park, we went and looked around the museum. it's free to enter, and great to look around.

To keep the children entertained while looking round the museum, they were given a quiz where you had to find the pictures on the teddy bears and mark off the names on the list you were given. Also, about half way around the museum there was a room where you could do colouring pictures and wordsearches. 

Near the end they had these hats that you could try on. Here is Hayden with the two different hats you could try. 


Next is Abby and Ashleigh try the hats on. 


 And finally Lucy and Me. 


After we had been to the Museum, near here is the Kirkleatham owl centre. It is £3.50 for adults, £2.20 for children, or you could get a family ticket which included 2 adults and up to 3 children for £9.95. Also children under 4 are free. 


You could pay for food to feed the owls and animals at the centre. Here is Abby feeding the chickens while one of the workers hold the chicken. 


Lucy took and interest in the meerkats, and one in particular took a liking to her. It kept coming up to the glass and looking at her. 

In the owl centre there was this beautiful tree that I just had to take a picture of it looked so good. 

I was in love with this little fox at the owl centre, I wanted to take him home he was so cute. There was three foxes, but the other two were asleep at the back of the cage.

At the Owl Centre there was a bird display on at 2:30, Meerkat Feeding at 3:00 and Animal Encounters at 3:30. While at animal encounters, Hayden held this snake and a tarantula. I didn't get a picture of the tarantula as i'm terrified of them. They also had tortoises which i'm also afraid of, so basically it was my worst nightmare. Instead I watched the fox some more, including them getting fed. We had an great day at Kirkleatham Museum and Owl Centre, will definitely so back in the summer. 
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